May 12th, 2010, 10pm

Hermosas Criaturas Tour, Madrid: Day 1

Madrid is amazing & everyone at Espasa is so kind. Our first day was filled with meeting new friends, TV, Radio & magazine interviews, a wonderful lunch with our Espasa team, and an insane event at fnac. Some people took the bus for up to seven hours to come see us. We love you! We also got the meet lots of bloggers and contributors to the official Spanish fansite.

La Cibeles


The Offices of Our Publisher, Espasa Calpe




Cristina Rovirosa of


Vera Blanko of Agenac EFE


Paloma Garcia of COPE Radio


Our Interpreter Jose Delgado


Photo Shoot for the Newspaper Razon



Alvaro from the Newspaper Razon


Marta of Libertad Digital and Ester, Writer for Women’s Magazines


Rountable Discussion with Bloggers: (from Top Left) Alba of the Hermosas Criaturas Fansite and from Letras y Escenas, Eva, Kami, Cristina, Eva of Juvenil Romatica (from bottom left) Ana of the Official Hermosas Criaturas Fansite and Sonadores de Libros, Oscar of Libros a Raudales, Margie, Javier Ruescas , Creator and Administrator of the Hermosas Criaturas Fansite


Ana of the Official Hermosas Criaturas Fansite & Sonadores de Libros and the Gorgeous T-Shirt She Made For Us


The event at fnac was fantastic.  There was a huge crowd and some people took the bus for 7 hours to be there.

The Calendar with Our Event


Displays in fnac



Javier and his novel, Tales of Bereth


Kami with Both of Javier’s Books


The Event Panel: Myriam, Our Editor, Margie, Jose, Kami & Javier





Kami and Margie with Elena


Girls made their own versions of Lena’s necklace.






Madrid at Night


4 comments on “Hermosas Criaturas Tour, Madrid: Day 1

  1. Alannah says:

    It looked like you gals had SO much fun!!!!! If you had fun in Madrid, I guarantee you would have 10 times more fun in Santo Domingo ;) *think about it!*. And that was a pretty cool t-shirt =D!!! Awesome outfits too :)!

  2. Missing you right now :(!

  3. Bella says:

    Ooooohhh! Wonderful days in Madrid

    Glad you enjoyed with us in Spain :)

    I hope you return soon for Spain and … Oh girls!, forget my real name (Ana sucks!), only Bella (yeah, my nick rules)

    thanks for everything, and I’m glad you liked the shirt!!!!

    see you and many kisses!

  4. Elena says:

    :) You put my pic with you! Thanks!
    I had such a great time! You both are great.
    Miss you (L)

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